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Whenever you load a function in Rave that is not a .m MATLAB function, Rave creates a .m file that allows it to access your function. For plain text functions, this .m file includes all the information in your original text file and the original text file is no longer needed by Rave. For other types of functions, such as Model Center .pxc files, the .m file is a "wrapper" for the original file, and both the .m file and the original function file you loaded are used by Rave.

This becomes important when you wish to distribute or move a Rave Project file. When you do so, you must be sure to include all files that are needed by the project. This means:

  • If you loaded any MATLAB functions, you must include the .m file that you loaded.
  • If you loaded any plain text functions, you must include the .m file that was created when you loaded the function.
  • If you loaded another type of function, you must include the .m file that was created when you loaded the function AND all additional files needed for this function to run. Rave is unable to determine what these files are, so you'll need to figure it out on your own.

Note: Currently only plain text and MATLAB functions have been implemented, so ignore the note about "other types of functions"

All function files that Rave creates are placed in your Default Rave Directory. If you remove them from this directory, make sure they remain on the MATLAB path, or Rave will no longer be able to access them and you will probably encounter an error in Rave.