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Supporting Files

Rave includes several open-source files written by others.

These were downloaded from the MATLAB File Exchange.

  • Aslib.m and ashape.m by Urs (us) Schwarz FEX Page
    • Used by the Alpha Shape explore method.
  • Findjobj.m by Yair Altman FEX Page
    • Used all over the place to do lots of Java tricks.
  • Insidepoly.m (and supporting files) by Bruno Luong FEX Page
    • Used as a faster alternative to MATLAB's inpolygon
  • Ipdm.m by John D’Errico FEX Page
    • Used in creating radial basis functions and in some crowding distance calculations.
  • Movie2gif.m by Nicolae Cindea FEX Page
    • Used to export animations as gifs.
  • Paretofront.m/paretofront.mexw32 by Yi Cao FEX Page
    • Used to speed up Pareto frontier calculations in some multiobjective optimizers
  • Myaa.m by Anders Brun FEX Page
    • Used to export antialiased bitmap graphics.
  • Print_pdf.m by Oliver Woodford (No longer available on the File Exchange)
    • Used to export pdfs.

The table model used by the main data table is based on the tablesorter.jar file from Yair Altman's Java-based data table FEX Page which is in turn based on the original TableSorter.java from Oracle.