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Untabbed controls

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The untabbed controls are a series of buttons that appear at the top left of the screen. Their layout may be different from that shown below if you have resized the Rave window to be very small.

Untabbed controls.png

Table/Workspace Mode Button

Untabbed controls tablemodebutton.png Clicking this button toggles between Table Mode and Workspace Mode. The same effect can be achieved using the Page Controls to go to the table (page 0) or the workspace (pages 1 and above).

Create New Workspace Object

Untabbed controls createnewbutton.png Clicking this button opens the Create New Workspace Object gui. This is the same as clicking the "Create New..." button on the Manage Tab.


Untabbed controls zoombutton.png This button does not do anything yet.

Toggle Full Screen Mode

Untabbed controls fullscreenbutton.png Clicking this button enters full screen mode. Once in full screen mode, hit "Esc" to get back to tab mode.

Change Renderer

Untabbed controls rendererbutton.png Clicking this button toggles between the Painters renderer (default) and the OpenGL renderer. Read Renderers in Rave for more information. The clock indicates that OpenGL is generally much faster than Painters, but it suffers from several MATLAB bugs.

Show/Hide Workspace Grid

Untabbed controls workspacegridbutton.png Clicking this button toggles the visibility of the workspace grid. When in full screen mode, the grid is always turned off.