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Selecting data

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Many discrete visualizations let you select data by clicking on the visualization. The effect of selecting data is to highlight the selected data in a different color in order to make it visually distinguishable. (You can change this color on the Row tab.)

Three data selection modes are available. You can change the selection mode on the Row tab. Not all visualizations support all selection modes; those that require a certain selection mode will always use that mode regardless of which mode you have activated on the Row tab.

The selection modes are:

  • Lasso selection - click and drag to draw an arbitrary boundary; points within this boundary are selected.
  • Box selection - click and drag to define the vertices of a rectangular boundary; points within this boundary are selected.
  • Point selection - click a single point to select it; you cannot drag to select additional points.

In any selection mode, clicking an empty space on the visualization will deselect all data. In scatter plot-type visualizations, when using Lasso or Box selection mode, clicking a single data point (without dragging) will select that point as if you were using Point selection mode.

The following keyboard combos can be used:

  • Shift + click - Add newly selected data to the current selection (union)
  • Alt + click - Subtract newly selected data from the current selection
  • Ctrl + click - Select data that was previously selected AND is newly selected (intersection)

(Note that during ctrl+click selection, the previously selected points are unhighlighted. This may change in the future).

You can also select data using the Main table. We are still working on getting keyboard combos to work correctly with the main table. The main table also allows you to select only a subset of the columns, which is useful for copying regions of your data table to the clipboard. For the purpose of highlighting data in visualizations, Rave considers a row of your data set to be selected if it is selected in any column of the main table.