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Rave Preferences

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Many parameters that affect how Rave works and looks are contained in the Rave Preferences file, raveprefs.mat. This file is created when you install Rave, and you should keep it in your normal MATLAB working directory (i.e. the directory shown in the address bar at the top of the window when you start MATLAB).

You can modify the preferences by clicking the "Edit Preferences" button at the bottom of the Manage Tab. This will open a GUI in which the preferences are grouped by category. You may need to click around a bit to find the category that contains the preferences you're looking for.

Developer Tip: See also Rave Preferences for Developers for information on how to use preferences in coding Rave plugins.

How Preferences Affect Saved .rve Files

Manually Changing Preferences

At the moment, some preferences cannot be accessed using the Edit Preferencs GUI. You can change these preferences by manually editing the raveprefs.mat file. (Of course, you can change ALL preferences this way if you like.)

To change preferences:

  1. Make a back-up copy of your raveprefs.mat file just in case.
  2. In MATLAB, navigate to the directory that contains your raveprefs.mat file. This is important to prevent multiple copies from being created when you save it.
  3. At the command prompt, type "load raveprefs"
  4. At the command prompt type "raveprefs.PREFERENCENAME = PREFERENCEVALUE;" to assign a new value, where PREFERENCENAME is the name of the preference you wish to change, and PREFERENCEVALUE is the new value you want to assign.
  5. When you are finished making changes, type "save raveprefs raveprefs" (yes, two raveprefs)

The changes will take effect the next time you start Rave.