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(Things You Need to Know)
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*[[The udata structure]]
*[[The udata structure]]
*[[Events and Updates]]
*[[Events and Updates]]
*[[Dealing with missing data]]
==Coding New Workspace Objects==
==Coding New Workspace Objects==

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This page serves as the table of contents for articles related to coding plugins for Rave. The basic information you need to get started is in the "Things You Need to Know" section below. From there you can go to the "Coding New..." sections for whichever type of plug-in you are interested in. The "Things You Don't Need to Know" section describes how some of Rave's basic capabilities work. If you are just coding plug-ins you shouldn't need this information, but it may be useful for advanced programmers.


Things You Need to Know

Coding New Workspace Objects

Coding New Explore Methods

Coding New Optimizers

Coding New Surrogate Models

Coding New Distributions

Things You Don't Need to Know

These are topics that you don't need to worry about unless you are modifying the core Rave files. These help files were created as these features were being first implemented to keep track of how the code works. They are very incomplete.