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Optimization animation preferences - Rave Documentation

Optimization animation preferences

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This page describes (some of) the preferences related to optimizer animation.

Pause between iterations

Checking this box causes the optimizer to pause after each "iteration," which for the purposes of this function means each time the animation updates. (Different optimizers may have different criteria for running the animation update function, and for the Matlab toolbox optimizers we can't control these criteria).

This option is intended to let you slow down the progress of an optimizer so you can more clearly see what it is doing. This may be useful for giving classroom demonstrations about how different optimizers work.

Pressing any key on the keyboard will cause the optimizer to proceed to the next iteration, OR pressing the Esc key will cause the optimizer to finish without stopping again at any subsequent iterations.

Update analysis after each iteration

Checking this box causes Rave to set the current analysis's (i.e. the analysis of the graph on which the animation is being shown) Current point to equal the optimizer's current best solution (different optimizers may define this in different ways). Then, all workspace objects belonging to this analysis are updated.

This option is used to watch the optimizer's progress on ALL workspace objects, instead of just the selected object. However, other workspace objects won't show the usual optimizer animation markers, they will show their typical response to updating the Current point.

Note that using this option may significantly slow down otherwise fast optimizers (if the optimizer is already slow you won't notice much difference), so don't leave this option turned on when you don't really need it.