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(Getting Started)
(Using Rave)
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==Using Rave==
==Using Rave==
*[[Introduction to Rave's User Interface]]
*[[Introduction to Rave's User Interface]]
*[[Data Sets]]
*[[Introduction to Data Sets and Analyses]]
**[[Data Set File Formats]]
**[[Data Sets]]
***[[Data Set File Formats]]
*[[Working with Functions]]
*[[Working with Functions]]
**[[User Supplied Function File Formats]]
**[[User Supplied Function File Formats]]

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Welcome to the online documentation for Rave. Use the links below to get started, or search for a topic using the box at the top right of the page.

Getting Started

Using Rave

Data Visualization In Rave

Interactive Visualization

Interacting with Discrete Graphics

Interacting with Continuous Graphics

Interactively Specifying Preferences

Customizing Visualizations

Design of Experiments in Rave

Surrogate Modeling in Rave

Optimization in Rave

Developing Rave Plugins