List of functions that add rows to the data set

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This page lists all Rave functions that can add rows to a data set. If you add a new feature (e.g. field of handles) that needs to grow any time rows are added, you need to update all of these functions.

  • ravemakedataset - creates a new data set or completely overwrites an existing one
  • raveappendrows - appends rows to an existing data set
    • Called by:
"appendbutton_callback" in rowtab.m (for appending the current point to data set)
ravesamplinggui.m (for adding structured or random samples to a data set)
"appendbutton_callback" in managedatagui.m (for appending a new data file to an existing data set)
ravecreateappendcurrentpointbutton.m - same function as rowtab button, but placed on workspace
exportappenddatagui.m - append optimizer results to a data set.