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Installing Rave

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Downloading Rave

Begin by downloading the latest version of Rave from http://www.rave.gatech.edu/download.shtml

Installing Rave

  1. The .zip file you downloaded contains a single folder, called "rave". To install Rave, unzip the "rave" folder into any directory of your choosing (your main MATLAB working directory is a good place for it).
    • Note: You may rename the "rave" folder if you wish, but do not rename any of the folders or files it contains.
  1. Open MATLAB and navigate to the new "rave" directory
    1. If you use the default MATLAB "desktop" settings, there will be an address bar at the top of the MATLAB window. Click the browse button to the right of it and browse to the directory you created in Step 1.
    2. Alternatively, enter the command "cd C:\...." where the dots indicate the directory you created in step 1
  2. Type "rave" at the MATLAB command prompt to start the installer.

If you use MATLAB on a public computer, such as at a library, the installer will also tell you how to install Rave to a portable (usb) drive to use Rave wherever you use MATLAB.

Updating an Existing Installation

To upgrade an existing Rave installation, just delete your current "rave" folder and replace it (in the same location) with the "rave" folder from the new version's .zip file. Generally this should be done while MATLAB is not running.

You never need to restart your computer as part of updating Rave.

Installing Additional Components

Enabling PDF export To export graphs to .pdf files, you need to have Ghostscript installed and on your system path. Ghostscript can be downloaded from: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/ (GPL Ghostscript). After installing it, you need to add its directory to your system path.

To add Ghostscript to the system path in Windows:

  1. Find the directory that contains the gswin32c.exe file (Something like C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.00\bin)
  2. Right click "My Computer" and select Properties
  3. Go to the "Advanced" tab
  4. Click the button that says "Environment Variables"
  5. In the "System Variables" list, select "Path" and click "Edit"
  6. At the end of the "Variable value" edit box, put a semicolon, then the directory path from Step 1.
  7. Click "Ok" in the edit dialog and "Ok" in the Environment Variables dialog.
  8. If MATLAB is running, you will need to restart it.