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Independent variables

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Independent Variables are one of the three variable types used by Rave. The other two are:

Independent variables are not calculated by functions. Rave can use the values of independent variables stored in the data table to draw graphs, but since Rave has no way of calculating new values of independent variables, they cannot be used in continuous graphs or in most optimizers. When you load a new data set from a file, each column in the file becomes a new independent variable. After loading a data set, you can modify the values of independent variables by editing the main table.

You can also create new independent variables within Rave by:

  • Using the "Make Flag Column" buttons on the model tab. These buttons add new columns of independent variables to the data set whose values are related to the row state at the time that the variable was created
  • Loading a function as a "static function". In this case Rave evaluates the function once to populate the data table, but does not link the new variables to the function.